About Doctor Pinkleton

Dr. Tressa Pinkleton is a primary care physician at Seattle Naturopathy & Acupuncture Center. She specializes in autoimmune disease, digestive health, mental wellness, and preventative care. She utilizes botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle counseling as primary modalities in her practice. She also has extensive training in the Coimbra Protocol and uses it to treat autoimmune disease in patients across the globe.


A graduate of Bastyr University, she received the same education in the sciences of the human body, physical exam techniques, and diagnostic capabilities as conventional doctors received. However, where conventional doctors focus primarily on pharmaceutical medications and higher intervention specialties, Dr. Pinkleton’s training focused more on botanical medicine, dietary & lifestyle interventions, nutrition, nutraceuticals (i.e. vitamins and supplements), exercise medicine, physical medicine, and counseling. And while she can prescribe most pharmaceutical medications, she strives to use other modalities to treat her patients before reaching for her prescription pad.

Dr. Pinkleton sees patients both in her private practice at SNAC and via Skype. A passionate advocate for the body’s natural healing abilities, she enjoys teaching her patients how to achieve and maintain optimal wellness. She approaches each visit with enthusiasm and compassion, and looks forward to helping you on your journey towards wellness.